Visa Facilitation Services

“Your one-stop-shop to Saudi Arabia”

95% of USSABC members utilize our visa facilitation services.

100% of U.S. resident passport holders that apply through our elite members-only visa facilitation program receive a five-year multiple entry visa.

100% of applications are processed with 2 business days. Please note some mitigating circumstances such as inclement weather or government closure can affect turnaround time.

100% company satisfaction guaranteed.

Benefits of the USSABC Visa Facilitation Services Program for Member Companies

APPROVED AGENT. The USSABC is among an exclusive group of certified agents authorized by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to process visa applications on behalf of U.S. companies applying for a business visa to the Kingdom.
ONE-STOP SHOP.  Unlike other certified agents authorized by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the USSABC can not only help you process your visa application, we can also issue your company the sponsorship letter, saving your firm valuable time and money.  Among the supporting documents required as part of your visa application, you must provide an official invitation letter issued by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs OR the sponsoring organization in Saudi Arabia obtaining the invitation on your behalf.  It can take 14 days from the date of request to receive the required sponsorship letter.
FIVE-YEAR MULTIPLE ENTRY.  At the USSABC, we provide five-year multiple entry visas for Gold, Platinum and Chairman's Circle membersMust be a U.S. resident passport holder to qualify.  As part of an overall policy to promote trade and investment in the Kingdom, the Saudi Government has adopted a series of measures aimed at simplifying and expediting travel to the Kingdom.  A major development came into effect in 2008 when the U.S. and Saudi Governments agreed to grant five-year multiple entry visas to nationals from both countries based on the principle of reciprocity.
MEMBERS FIRST.  As a membership-based organization, one thing that has remained constant since its incorporation across all our programs and services, including our visa facilitation services program, is our commitment to putting our Members First.
2-DAY TURNAROUND. It takes our full time Visa Specialist 2 business days to process your visa from start to finish. The visa application from is pre-filled and sent back to you with your sponsorship letter, a sample Business Introduction Letter is provided for your convenience, and the Enjaz online application is completed. In extenuating services, our Visa Specialist will travel to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia located in Washington, D.C. on your behalf and ensure in person that your visa application is processed in a timely and efficient manner.
SPECIALIZED FOCUS. Unlike the other certified agents authorized by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, which process visas on behalf of U.S. companies travelling to countries across the world, the USSABC only assists companies interested in traveling to Saudi Arabia. We are here to serve your business needs in the Kingdom.
100% MEMBER SATISFACTION. We continually strive to improve our visa facilitation program through surveys and direct engagement with our members. Our high retention rate and member satisfaction go hand in hand.

“I was extremely pleased to use the services of the USSABC; they were professional and extremely prompt in processing my application for a new five-year multiple entry business visa to the Kingdom.

- David Wood, Manager, Saudi Arabia, FLIR Systems


Still have questions?

Contact our Visa Specialist directly.

Ms. Sahar Nadri
Manager, Visa Services
U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council
8081 Wolftrap Road, Suite 300
Vienna, VA 22182
Tel: 703-962-9300
Fax: 703-204-0332


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