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U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council Membership
U.S. Companies
BENEFITS Chairman's Circle
Access to U.S. and Saudi member resources and  services
Invitation to USSABC events, conferences, trade missions, and networking functions
Access to senior leadership of the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council    
Advance notice of all public and private events in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia    
Special invitations to private executive discussions (i.e. Roundtable Series, ‘Closed Door’ events)    
Pre-dinner reception with dignitaries at selected events    
VIP seating for CEO/Chairman at selected events    
CEO/Chairman receives direct access to dignitaries at selected events  (if available)    
Leadership role in setting the strategic direction of the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council *NEW      
Eligible for “Chairman’s Circle” only events *NEW      
Eligible to serve on USSABC Board or Committees *NEW      
Access to global member to member directory
Briefings for U.S. and Saudi Arabian-based executives    
Complimentary Research Hours
- Market insight and analysis
- Competition analysis
25 20 15 0
Complimentary access to all webinar series programs
Complimentary subscription to USSABC publications:
- A Business Guide to Saudi Arabia
30 20 15 1
- Industry Sector Reports
15 10 8 2
- Saudi Weekly News Clips Service
- USSABC Monthly Bulletin
Sustained efforts to inform and educate members of Congress and congressional staff of U.S. commercial interests in Saudi Arabia
Presentation of bilateral business issues to the U.S. and Saudi government agencies on behalf of members  
Direct engagement on advocacy-related issues with U.S. and Saudi Government officials on behalf of members    
Access to white papers on trade or investment issues    
Invitation to select advocacy-related briefings for U.S. and Saudi executives    
Priority notice of special events with U.S. and Saudi Government leaders    
Participate in private, high-level meetings on advocacy-related issues in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia    
Eligible to participate in setting USSABC advocacy goals      
Quarterly Advocacy Brief      
Use of USSABC media vehicles to raise company profile including website, publications, and social media
Opportunities for sponsorship at events held by or supported by the Business Council
Opportunity for hosting/sponsoring Saudi Delegation and Ministers    
Counseling on cultural protocols and business practices for doing business in the U.S. or Saudi Arabia  
Customized, company-specific Business Advisory Services  
Leadership opportunities in C-level trade missions, annual meeting, and select events in both countries    
Assistance with securing appointments with government leaders and senior corporate executives    
Visa facilitation for employees  traveling to Saudi Arabia (Certain restrictions apply)
- Sponsorship letters
- Expedited service
25 20 10 0
Up to 30 percent discount on Saudi Arabian Airlines
- Dependent  on class of travel
- Applies to tickets booked in the U.S.


U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council Membership
Saudi Arabian Companies
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Please contact the Business Council to receive more information about membership: ussaudi@us-sabc.org.



Last Updated March 2, 2015
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