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United States Office

8081 Wolftrap Road, Suite 300
Vienna, VA  22182
Telephone:  703-962-9300 or 888-638-1212
Fax:  703-204-0332
E-mail: ussaudi@us-sabc.org
Saudi Arabian Office

WASEL 2163

Urouba Street

Office 6-1

Mather North – Unit No. 43

Riyadh 12334-7795
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: 966-11-474-2555/3555 or 966-11-476-7913
Fax: 966-11-476-7167/2697
E-mail: ussaudibc@us-sabc.org

Staff Directory

Edward Burton
President and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Basheer Al Ghuraydh
Executive Director and Secretary-General
Susanne M. Lendman
Executive Director and Chief of Staff
Jessilyn Joyner
Executive Office Liason
Sahar Nadri
Program Manager, Visa Services
Business Advisory Services
David Callahan
Vice President, Business Advisory Services
Jamil Alothman
Senior Advisor, Industrial Strategies
Ana Carmen Neboisa
Manager, Business Advisory Services
Jonathan Singh
Business Strategy Advisor
Gregory Ferris
Business Strategy Advisor
Communications and Information Services
Jay Ennis
Manager, Communications and Information Services
Hani Aljuaid
Project Analyst

Will Brodt
Research Assistant

Wiam Alwazir
Research Assistant

Finance, Administration, and Technology

John Emmert
Senior Accountant
Jo Moran
Information Systems Specialist
Anne Dawson
Receptionist and Administrative Support
Riyadh Office
Zeyad Zafar
Marketing Specialist
Syed Habibul H. Naqvi
Economic Analyst

Yahya M. Musa Ali
Arabic Data Entry
Ismael Al Mahdi
Public Relations Officer & Government Affairs


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