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The U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council

Our Business Is Assisting U.S. and Saudi Companies
Build Successful Partnerships

The U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council (USSABC) is the premier U.S. organization that assists U.S. companies in identifying business partners in Saudi Arabia.  The Business Council is also in constant dialogue with Saudi companies to help them identify trade and investment opportunities in the U.S.

The Business Council’s mission is to foster, develop, and expand the strategic business alliance between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and contribute to the accurate depiction of the Saudi business environment. 

The Business Council plays a leading role in improving the mutual knowledge and understanding between the private sectors of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and facilitates increased trade and investment between the two countries.  The USSABC has a membership base of 400 leading companies in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, enjoys strong government support from both countries, and interacts regularly with senior government officials to promote issues of mutual interest to U.S. and Saudi firms. 

The USSABC provides ACCESS and NETWORKING (through trade missions, business development services, conferences, and seminars in both countries) as well as INSIGHT (through publications and industry sector reports) to members and non-member companies that want to pursue specific business activities in Saudi Arabia and/or the U.S.

The Business Council is co-chaired by Mohamed Al-Mady, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SABIC and Peter J. Robertson, Former Vice Chairman of Chevron Corporation. The Board of Directors consists of prominent businessmen from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. For more information, please contact ussaudi@us-sabc.org.



Last Updated April 18, 2014
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