Jarir Investment

Jarir Investment is a family office managing the wealth of Al Agil brothers based in Saudi Arabia. Jarir Investment belongs to Jarir Group of companies. Jarir Group has two core businesses – Jarir Marketing Company and Jarir Investment. Other group companies include Jarir Real Estate, Riyadh Najd School and Kids Kingdom. Jarir Marketing Company, a public company listed on Saudi Stock Exchange, is a leading retailer & wholesaler of office products & computer, books, school supplies and arts and engineering products. Jarir Marketing Company operates retail stores under the brand name of “Jarir Bookstore”. Currently it is operating stores in Saudi Arabia & other GCC countries and has a market capitalization of about US $ 1.4 billion. Jarir Investment was born out of the need to diversify the wealth of the Al Agil brothers generated out of retail business. Investing mostly in US and Europe for the last 15-20 years, Jarir Investment has built a successful business model for asset management program focusing mostly on Alternative Investments including Private Equity (buy out) funds, Hedge Funds and Real Estate. Jarir Investment has developed detailed asset allocation program and in-house expertise in all phases of investment such as asset allocations, Manager due diligence and selection, management of cash flows including accounting & reconciliation and performance monitoring with extensive analysis. Jarir Investment gives especial emphasis on long term appreciation of capital and has thus developed excellent relationships with many successful Buyout & Hedge Fund Managers both in US and Europe. Some of the famous and successful fund managers with whom Jarir Investment has established long term relationship are Moore Global, Brookside, Eminence, Kensignton, London Diversified, Blue Crest, Sloan Robinson, Highbridge, and Clarium. Investing since 1993, Jarir Investment private equity program currently comprises over 40 funds at various stages and has achieved top quartile returns for 7 years, during the 10 year period ended 2003. Jarir Investment initiated Hedge Fund Program in 1997 and focused on long term risk adjusted returns. Jarir Investment hedge fund program achieved top quartile returns with low volatility since inception and also achieved positive returns during periods of market meltdown i.e. 2000, 2001, and 2002. Jarir Investment currently has a staff strength of 25 employees.
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