Saudi Arabia to Create First Nuclear City in Kingdom

April 18, 2010 – Saudi government officials recently announced plans to build the first peaceful nuclear energy program in the Kingdom. The King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE) will be located in Riyadh and is designed to meet Saudi Arabia’s growing needs for energy and desalinated water. Nuclear reactors built on the site will provide renewable, clean energy while simultaneously desalinating drinking water for the country’s citizens.

The use of nuclear energy also means more sustainable and export-oriented plans for the Kingdoms’ vast hydrocarbon resources. In an effort to encourage private investment in the new city, all machinery and equipment imported for scientific activities will be exempted from taxes and tariffs.

KACARE will be supervised by a 13-member council, which will be responsible for national policy on nuclear energy development, supervising all commercial use of nuclear power, and handling of radioactive waste, as well as representing Saudi Arabia to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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